Briana Goodson

Briana Goodson is a freshman and a journalist at Ukiah High School. In her free time, Briana enjoys reading books and writing. She also enjoys cheerleading and has done it for many years. She joined the journalism class because she wants to write about things that will keep her peers updated. She was born in Ukiah California which makes writing things about her community hit close to home. Briana thinks of herself as hardworking but still knows how to show her goofy side. Not only is this Briana’s first year writing for the journalism team at Ukiah High she looks forward to writing for journalism in later years.

Exclusive Content

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Ukiah High Varsity Footballs Wins League for the First Time in 38 Years

Though they have come close in the past, this year their new coach Paul Cronin led them to an amazing league win for the first time since 1985. 

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UHS News would like to congratulate the Seniors for their hard-fought win, the freshmen for beating the sophomores and juniors, and salute all classes for their spirit.

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