Ukiah High Wildcats Ages 16-18 Can Be Inoculated Against COVID-19 at District Hosted Vaccine Clinic

Ukiah High Wildcats now have the opportunity to get vaccinated for COVID-19. On Saturday, May 1, 2021, Ukiah High will be hosting a vaccination clinic in hopes of getting the school’s sixteen to eighteen-year-old population vaccinated, though the focus will be on 12th graders. Students over sixteen can also get their household members over sixteen vaccinated at the school vaccination clinic. 

Mendocino County Public Officer Addresses Wildcat Nation’s COVID-19 Concerns

Dr. Coren challenged Wildcats to both protect their family and friends from the virus and make sure their loved one are staying mentally fit: “Don't let your friends get depressed, stressed. Many got really disconnected ( and still are) during this pandemic. Reach out to maintain connections figuratively). Be Friendly. but observe the rules -- to help each other.”

To Return, Or Not To Return: Wildcats Consider the Possibility of Hybrid Learning

Joel Naranjo, a senior, said that “I did choose to come back to school…” He explained that “I really felt if I stayed any longer in remote learning, I would go crazy.”

Digging Through the Archives: Looking Back on Mendocino County’s Battle with the Spanish Flu

History has a lot to tell us. As Ukiah High School students navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, UHS news...

Ukiah High’s Sibling Project: Wildcats Working With Elementary Students to Make Distance Learning Better

This year at Ukiah High School, a program called The Sibling Project has started connecting Ukiah High students...

“He Said It Was His Right To Eat The Street Rats”: 5 Plagues To Put COVID-19 into Perspective

By Makenzie Walsh COVID-19 has been obliterating us for the entire year. Because this country has no idea how to behave, people see the virus...

“I Feel I Can’t Connect”: Ukiah High Wildcats Reflect on Distance Learning

Despite these distance, Post says, “I still see my students smiling and laughing. It reminds me of why I enjoy teaching.¨

“Making the Most Out of This”: Ukiah High Wildcats Find a Silver Living in Life During a Pandemic

Since COVID-19 restrictions have been in place and schools have closed, many have worried that Ukiah High Wildcats would be negatively affected. UHS News...

The 6% Health Blunder: Public Misinterpretations of COVID-19 Death Data

Although assigning the reason of death is not straightforward due to the complexity of the coronavirus itself, it was not long until disease experts and scientists took to social media to point out the 6 percent infographic figure that had become widely misinterpreted. In addition to their efforts of refuting claims to downplay the death numbers, public health experts have consistently noted that numbers are likely undercounts to the true toll of the virus.

“The Impact on Students will be Huge”: Local Teachers’ Reflect on Teaching through a Computer Screen

On March 13, 2020, Ukiah Unified schools closed their doors unsure as to when students would be able to walk through their halls again. Teachers were forced to teach through a computer screen, which made the already difficult job of being a teacher even harder. Teachers create digital classrooms, fun activities, and try their hardest to make this experience bearable. UHS News interviewed teachers about their experiences teaching through a screen.

“A Whole Different Ball Game”: Ukiah Business Owners Fight to Stay Profitable during a Pandemic

UHS News collaborated with Ukiah businesses including Schat's Bakery, Little Brown Bear, Comfort Air Heating and Cooling, and Stars Restaurant hoping to understand how the pandemic has affected their business, what differences they had to make to reopen, and lastly, how much does social distancing, wearing masks, and keeping a clean and safe working environment affect business and employees.