Weird & Fun

Cool Car Thursday: 12th Grader Josie Bogner’s Candy Apple Red Jeep Wrangler

Josie Bogner’s 1997 candy apple red Jeep Wrangler sticks out in the Ukiah High student parking lot as one of the most cherry Jeeps on campus. 

The Blue Toaster: Ani McKay’s Famous Beach Cruiser—Cool Car Thursday

“I have many memories held within those four doors.”

That Time in 1974 When a Chimpanzee Visited a Ukiah High Science Classroom—Wildcat Throwback

In the background, predictably, sits the typical teenage boy, slack-jawed, bored, and disinterested.

Win $ By Participating in Our First Annual Halloween Costume Contest

Next Monday come dressed up in your costumes! All you need to do to enter the contest is take a picture of you and your friends in costume on Ukiah High campus.

Two Lies, One Truth: Which Story of Ukiah High’s Past Actually Happened?

Many stories, true and false, circulate all-around online. You know it. We know it. How about we test your ability to discern the real from the fake? In this article, three stories will be briefly told, shortened heavily, but including all the details you need. It will be up to you to look through these tales, and figure out which one is true because only one of them is!

Krampus: The Darker Side of Christmas

Christmas is drawing near at an alarming rate. While we’re typically used to cheery imagery surrounding the holiday season, but not everything is so happy about this holiday. Central to Christmas’s dark side is the Central European figure of folklore, Krampus.

Op-Ed: A Snarky Introvert Celebrates Distance Learning

"While plenty of people yearn for homecoming, crowds, parties, and being with their unnecessarily big friend groups (you heard me), there are a large number of people who were overjoyed to know that they no longer had to be dragged into unwanted social interactions like the pre-Covid world was swarming with. How do I know? Because I am one of those people. Now, sit down, because I know more about this topic than you extroverted plebs"

Creatures from the Darkness: 5 Unbelievable and True Facts About Animals

Most animals are unanimously loved. Some are just terrifying. Of course, that leads to yet another list that can lead to your gut twisting like a thousand worms. So sit back, but get a little closer to the edge, and prepare yourself for some awful animal facts.

Sweet Dreams! The Grim Realities Of Catching Some Zzzzzs

If there’s one thing people love, it’s sleeping. The problem is, once your mind slips out of the seams of reality and into a dream, it can get much worse. Prepare to wish you never read this article as we dive headfirst into dark facts about what was once a safe haven. There is no escape now.

5 Common Masks and What They Say About Your Personality

UHS News explores the five most common styles of facial covering and what they say about a person's personality.

Very Disturbing Facts about the Human Body

"To continue down that path, the dust that would collect on coffee tables, windowsills, or picture frames is made up largely of skin. Enjoy cleaning up your dead scraps of epidermis."