Wade Clark

Wade Clark is a Sophomore at Ukiah High School. He plays guitar and listens to many different genres of music. He has lived in Ukiah his whole life and has never lived anywhere else. Wade loves to research music, guitar, and different types of electronics for music. He believes everyone has a right to their opinion.

Exclusive Content

Cool Car Thursday: 12th Grader Josie Bogner’s Candy Apple Red Jeep Wrangler

Josie Bogner’s 1997 candy apple red Jeep Wrangler sticks out in the Ukiah High student parking lot as one of the most cherry Jeeps on campus. 

Cool Car Thursday: Jackson O’Ferrall’s Chevy Silverado the Police Can’t Not Notice 

The truck’s presence is so noticeable that he told us police have pulled him over upwards of ten times. 

Cool Car Thursday: Braiden Marshall’s 1989 Cyan Blue Acura Integra

17-year-old Braiden Marshall is a senior at Ukiah High School who loves his car.  Marshall drives a cyan blue 1989 Acura Integra with hideaway headlights....