Wildcat Nation Embraces Fall Fashion: A Colorful Blend of Comfort, Confidence, and Pumpkin Spice

Fall is here. The leaves are changing color, pumpkin spice is in, and you can see your breath in the mornings. That also means that fall fashion has returned, and at Ukiah High, it is not taken lightly. 

‘To Be Slay’: Two Wildcats and Their Unique Take on Skater Fashion

This skater duo is so overwhelmingly cool and their presence can be felt coming from a mile away.

Josie Bogner: One of the Thrifting Queens of Ukiah High

Bogner is, with no question, the thrifting queen of Ukiah High. She is a 70s earth fairy with a bright mind and sweet persona that is loved by many. You might not know her by name, but you definitely noticed her fits in the halls. 

The Quiet Wildcat Behind the Colorful Ski Mask: Tayo Ramirez Whose Fashion Is Better than Yours

Ukiah High’s Tayo Ramirez might not be the most talkative Wildcat but his bold fashion choice stands out. We spoke with Ramirez about his Bay Area-inspired fashion choices and the world of Babytron hip-hop that motivates him.

Vans Fans: Wildcats Discuss the Shoe They Love

UHS News spoke with a few students and staff to get their opinion on Vans and why the shoes are the brand of their choice.

Ukiah High Junior Wesley Duong Starts His Own Streetwear Company called NBLTY

Duong provided advice to fellow Wildcats on how to start their own business saying, “My tip for fellow Wildcats is to pursue your passion whatever it may be. Don’t give up on what you enjoy doing and what makes you happy.”

Beanies, Babes, and Bros: Wildcats Celebrating the Simple Beanie

As the seasons are transitioning, temperatures are dropping. People will want something stylish and comfy to keep their heads warm, and the perfect solution appears with beanies. Beanies are warm, cozy, and fashionable- the perfect fall fashion! UHS News interviewed a few beanie-wearing Wildcats about their favorite skullcap to keep them comfy in the winter months.

Yee-Haw Meets Well-Dressed: Wildcats Inspired by Country-Chic

UHS Senior Hailey Seever said she gets her outfit inspiration from having “a lot of animals, and I do a lot of work outside, so I have to dress appropriately for that.” Seever says that her style mostly just goes with her lifestyle. Seever would consider herself “country” by the way she lives and what she does.

Wildcat Nation Rocking Those Air Force 1s

“Nike has always been in the clothing game, yeah they’re known for their performance/fitness wear but have grown to become a part of the world of style. Their simplistic white design with the swoosh on the sides gives the shoe an amazing sneaker that can go with any outfit.”

“Rejecting the Mainstream”: Punk Rock Fashion in Wildcat Nation

Fetzer explained what “punk” means to him: “a way of life as well as a music style. It's an attitude and a way of thinking. And the way of thinking is doing what you think is right regardless of what others think and say."

Blue Light Special: The Rise of Blue Light Glasses

As Wildcat screen time has increased and eye fatigue has been felt, several members of Wildcat Nation have begun wearing these blue light glasses in both ease their pain and look good doing it.