Beanies, Babes, and Bros: Wildcats Celebrating the Simple Beanie


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As the seasons are transitioning, temperatures are dropping. People will want something stylish and comfy to keep their heads warm, and the perfect solution appears with beanies. Beanies are warm, cozy, and fashionable- the perfect fall fashion! UHS News interviewed a few beanie-wearing Wildcats about their favorite skullcap to keep them comfy in the winter months. 

Junior Joel Naranjo said that he got into beanies because he got compliments when he wore a beanie. He’s been wearing them ever since. Naranjo said that he likes to wear beanies with hoodies because it’s most comfortable, and he thinks that beanies look “too basic” with just t-shirts. Naranjo does not have a favorite beanie; he “just likes any beanie that keeps his head warm.” Naranjo celebrated the comfort of the beanie, saying, “All beanies that I have worn have been comfortable, I would recommend someone wear one for a week straight, and they’ll fall in love.” Naranjo said, “I highly recommend people give beanies a chance, and they won’t regret it. The style of them is amazing and a great touch to any outfit.” 

Junior Jade Skye said that she started wearing beanies because “it’s the perfect solution to a bad hair day!” Skye described how she chose her outfits based on the day’s beanie choice: “With a white beanie, I like to wear white shoes, so it brings the outfits together, I try to match the color of the beanie to something in my outfit, and then black beanies go with everything.” Skye’s favorite beanie is from Target, and she says it was super cheap and comfy. Skye also said that she would recommend beanies made by Carhart. 

Junior Natasha Black said she started wearing beanies when she was 13 because she believed it made her hair look better. In the winter, Black said she tends to style her outfits with beanies has many different color beanies to go with different outfits. Black says beanies are mostly comfortable, but “they can just be a little itchy sometimes.” Black says she would recommend getting into beanies, especially during the winter! 

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