Yee-Haw Meets Well-Dressed: Wildcats Inspired by Country-Chic


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Have you ever wanted a casual, cute, country-style? Well, here you can have it with Country chic! Country chic is inspired by the country’s lifestyle of being relaxed and easygoing. says to get a country-chic style, you pair an outfit piece that fits the country style (jeans, flannel, belt with belt buckle) and some modern clothing pieces to get the chic look. There’re many different branches of style when it comes to country chic, so just have fun with it and dress in what you want! 

UHS News spoke with members of Wildcat Nations who use country-chic to inspire their fashion choices.  

Ava Larson

UHS Senior Ava Larson described her fashion inspiration: “I love the boho/seventies vibe. I also love old western fashion because I love the way it makes me look and feel. I feel happy and confident when I wear outfits like that.” Larson said she wouldn’t exactly call her style “country,” but she also wouldn’t consider her style “city” either.  Larson described essential elements of her style: “A good pair of bell-bottoms with a cute tank top, tee-shirt, or long sleeve, some cute boots or sandals, lots of jewelry and a cute belt with a buckle always makes a cute outfit in my opinion.” Larson added she likes to accessorize her outfits with animal prints, turquoise or silver jewelry, sunnies, and sometimes a hat.

Emily Winningham

UHS Junior Emily Winningham said her style is most inspired by the music she listens to, such as Johnny Cash, Tyler Childers, Eric Church, and Kacey Musgraves. Winningham also thinks that the agriculture industry could also impact her style. Emily says being a part of Ukiah High’s FFA and having a passion for agriculture has influenced a lot of her life, and she likes to dress in a way that represents that. Winningham described her style as a more “western-grunge-flower girl.” Winningham loves old western, but she always puts a spin on it with some 70s hippie vibes or 90s grunge vibes to make her style more unique. When asked if she would consider herself “country,” and Winningham said, “I guess I would consider myself ‘country’ depending on how you look at it. I wear boots and jeans, I don’t mind getting dirty, and I’ve always loved and wanted to be involved in rural communities, but I wouldn’t consider myself country in the stereotype where I’m missing teeth and that kinda thing.” Winningham described the philosophy behind her outfits:

“I style my outfits so that I feel comfortable, confident, and ready for any type of scenario. There are some days where I have to run to the feed store and then work a pig, and then clean the chicken coop, and then there are other days where I’m just going to school, and I like to feel cute and confident (although with agriculture classes I could still be getting my hands dirty haha). I also like to put a lot of colors in my outfits, western/country style usually is a lot of turquoises, orange, and brown, but I also like to wear green, pink, and blue to compliment my skin or eyes.”

Hailey Seever

UHS Senior Hailey Seever said she gets her outfit inspiration from having “a lot of animals, and I do a lot of work outside, so I have to dress appropriately for that.” Seever says that her style mostly just goes with her lifestyle. Seever would consider herself “country” by the way she lives and what she does. Seever said, “I don’t necessarily have a particular style, it’s mostly just boot cut jeans and some sort of western tee or blouse with a belt buckle. For shoes, I normally wear cowgirl boots or casual closed-toed shoes.”

Country Chic represents the rural life many Wildcats are comfortable with while still being able to go out dinner or go downtown while looking good doing it.

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