Blue Light Special: The Rise of Blue Light Glasses


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As most schools are moving to distance learning due to coronavirus, Ukiah High Wildcats are stuck staring at a screen all day. Staring at the computer could have some negative effects on the brain and on eyesight but luckily a solution is gaining traction: Blue Light Glasses. 

According to information gathered from, blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by human eyes. The website warns looking at blue light for too long can cause eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and sleeplessness. Blue light glasses are glasses that can filter out blue light from your devices due to filtering materials or surface coatings on the lenses that block out blue light, the website explained.

As Wildcat screen time has increased and eye fatigue has been felt, several members of Wildcat Nation have begun wearing these blue light glasses in both ease their pain and look good doing it.

Freshman Aleea Johnston

Freshman Aleea Johnston first acquired the glasses because she was having headaches often so her mom got them for her. Johnston said that the glasses are not a fashion statement, but to help relieve her eye strain: “I don’t know if I like how they look on me, but the style doesn’t really bother me as long as they help.” Johnston said “I’m going on my third week of school with them on and they have decreased the days I have had headaches” Ultimately, Johnston “definitely recommend blue light glasses to fellow students.”

Freshman Farrah Daniels

Freshman Farrah Daniels’ mom bought her blue light glasses because she wanted to protect her eyes from the blue light. Daniels said, “I like how they look because they aren’t too big or too small” Daniels also says she would recommend blue light glasses to other Wildcats. 

Junior Basia L’Heureux

Junior Basia L’Heureux bought her blue light glasses because “being on devices all day made her eyes hurt and made me have headaches so I thought the glasses would help.” L’Heureux said, “I like how they look on me but I use them for function mainly and probably wouldn’t wear them out of school.” L’Heureux thought the blue light glasses help because “I feel like they help because they block out the damaging blue light being emitted from my Chromebook. I don’t get headaches and my eyes don’t hurt when I’m wearing the glasses while looking at the screen.” 

Take it from these Wildcats, as L’Heureux says, “You definitely want to keep your eyes safe!” Go online, order a pair, protect your eyes, and look cool doing it too.

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