Kamala Williams

Hey Guys! My name is Kamala, and I am a senior this year at Ukiah High School. I enjoy writing about a variety of subjects, from protests, world events/community events, mystery, and chaos, to the latest gossip and school happenings. I have grown up in Ukiah my whole life and have seen the community come together time after time during forest fires and pandemics alike. I enjoy swimming, hanging out with friends, writing, and listening to music. I am always looking to share peoples stories. If you have newsworthy content feel free to email me at kamala_williams23@uusd.net. The world wants to hear your voice!

Exclusive Content

12th Grader Madeline Armstrong Will Go From Ukiah High to the Halls of Harvard

When she received her letter of acceptance via email, she thought it was a joke. “We thought I applied to the wrong school like Harvard Online.” 

‘To Be Slay’: Two Wildcats and Their Unique Take on Skater Fashion

This skater duo is so overwhelmingly cool and their presence can be felt coming from a mile away.

Josie Bogner: One of the Thrifting Queens of Ukiah High

Bogner is, with no question, the thrifting queen of Ukiah High. She is a 70s earth fairy with a bright mind and sweet persona that is loved by many. You might not know her by name, but you definitely noticed her fits in the halls. 

The Quiet Wildcat Behind the Colorful Ski Mask: Tayo Ramirez Whose Fashion Is Better than Yours

Ukiah High’s Tayo Ramirez might not be the most talkative Wildcat but his bold fashion choice stands out. We spoke with Ramirez about his Bay Area-inspired fashion choices and the world of Babytron hip-hop that motivates him.