Ukiah High Women’s Tennis Dominates Montgomery High 7-0


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11th Grader Maritza Jacobs (foreground) and 10th Joni Johnson (background) in the midst of their sets [Picture by Izabella Nickerson]

Last Thursday, September 28, 2022, Ukiah High School’s women’s tennis team faced off against Santa Rosa’s Montgomery High at home and dominated them 7-0. 

Coach Brian Brown commented that he thought the girls played “pretty good, but not great.” Coach Brown says that he was expecting a “little more” from the other team and their performance was why the Wildcats won so easily. 

Brown acknowledged Grace Huff who won her first game 6-0 and 6-0 for her second. “I didn’t get to see much of her match but from the score, she played well.” Both the first and second doubles teams proved successful Coach Brown told us. Nicole Muniz and Madeline Armstrong placed first and Charlotte O’Connor and Sydney Stinebuck placed second.

Brown added that “we need to come prepared to play our best tennis. I don’t think we played our best but still won, and they might have better players next time. So, we might have played them on an off day.”

11th grader Maritza Jacobs in the midst of her service [Picture by Izabella Nickerson]

The number one singles player that day was Maritza Jacobs, a Junior at UHS. won her first match 6-1and 6-3 in the second. Jacobs told us “ I want to work on getting better serves which is hard because of the wind.” Maritza reflected she did well hitting “drops shots and making my opponent come to the net.” 

Ukiah High Senior Athena Dahl was the number three singles player that day beating her opponent in both games, 6-3 for the first and 6-4 for the second. Dahl noted that she did the best she could and wants to work on getting out of her head so much. “When I mess up and sail a ball, I get in my head. So, I want to work on not doing that.” When facing this team again, Dahl wants to diversify her plays instead of just hitting ground strokes forcing her opponent to move around the court. 

Sydney Steinbuck and Charlotte O’Connor, the second-placed doubles team of the day, thought they played well winning their matches 6-2 and 6-0. Steinbuck reflected that the next time they play this team they want to “work on picking up on how they play and what they need to work on so we can pick them apart.” O’Connor added that she and Sydney are making good progress together and that she wants to work on her serves against this team. 

The Wildcat’s next game will be on Tuesday, October 4th at Windsor High School.

This is all the scores of Thursday’s match provided by Coach Brian Brown
Izzy Nickerson
Izzy Nickerson
Izabella Nickerson is an editor and chief for the UHS newspaper and a Junior at Ukiah High School. Izabella enjoys playing sports like tennis and volleyball, baking/cooking, and being outdoors. Izabella is creative and hardworking doing her part to make the UHS newspaper informative and entertaining. Izabella has been a part of the UHS news team for 3 years. She enjoys writing about the sports that students participate in at Ukiah High School as well as articles addressing women's rights and more. She would like to continue Journalism and make a career out of it. Becoming a sports journalist or a sports broadcaster.

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