Ukiah High Athletes ‘Excited’ for Installation of New Soccer Complex


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In March 2020, the Ukiah Unified School District presented to the public a vision of what the new sports complex at Ukiah High School will look like. This complex will be located on the football practice field of Ukiah high school and is an all-weather soccer field that will be artificially lit and made of artificial turf allowing extended practice hours 

Information presented in a public meeting regarding the sports complex indicated the facility was designed by Verde designs and will also be available to rent for the public when UHS  programs are not using it. 

Rendering of the new soccer complex lit up at night [Picture provided by the Ukiah Unified School District]

UHS news spoke to the Ukiah High girls soccer team to ask about their opinion of the new sports field. Charlotte O’Connor is a freshman on the girl’s soccer team who thinks the new field will be awesome for the Ukiah high school soccer team saying, “I am really excited about it because we won’t miss so many practices due to the weather. And it will be a professional-sized soccer field” O’Connor said that since this new field is turf, it will help prepare the team for tournaments and games that they have to play on turf. 

Another member of the girl’s team is Avalon Crowder who is very excited about this new field and thinks that it will give them the full experience for what they are expecting in the future for their soccer careers. 

Coach Stephen Summers, Athletic Director at UHS said this field will be a great addition to the UHS soccer team and the Physical Education department of Ukiah High School. 

Izzy Nickerson
Izzy Nickerson
Izabella Nickerson is an editor and chief for the UHS newspaper and a Junior at Ukiah High School. Izabella enjoys playing sports like tennis and volleyball, baking/cooking, and being outdoors. Izabella is creative and hardworking doing her part to make the UHS newspaper informative and entertaining. Izabella has been a part of the UHS news team for 3 years. She enjoys writing about the sports that students participate in at Ukiah High School as well as articles addressing women's rights and more. She would like to continue Journalism and make a career out of it. Becoming a sports journalist or a sports broadcaster.

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