5 Common Masks and What They Say About Your Personality


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By Kaitlyn Baldwin

Now, we all know that COVID-19 is here and is not ready to leave before doing some damage. People in our society have adapted to the virus and have made the most of this terrible situation. One way we have adapted is by wearing masks in public. As you may figure, not everyone’s masks are the same color, nor less the same style. UHS News explores the five most common styles of facial covering and what they say about a person’s personality.

The Nursing Masks (Earth Signs)

The people who wear nursing masks are not the fondest of change or new situations, but will do what’s necessary. They are stubborn when it comes to wearing their face covers but they still do it because they have to. They are very grounded and they reach for their goals in life and won’t let anything like corona get in the way. Their desire to keep living inspires everyone around them.

The Gas Masks(Air signs)

The people who use the gas masks are the most cautious people you will ever meet. They are able to understand people and their wishes, although most people aren’t able to understand them. They are able to live life through their head and constantly think about different ideas and scenarios.

The Bandana(Fire signs)

Now, the bandana people are my favorite. They are free-spirited and don’t really stress over much, unless they are under a lot of pressure. If someone betrays them they are most likely going to forgive them, but you will lose their trust forever. 

The Face Shield(Water signs)

The face shield people are also very cautious, but for different reasons. They put others’ needs above their own, which means they do things that they don’t want to do. They can read people better than most which is why they know people’s needs

The Designer Masks(Fire Signs)

Last but not least are the people, who wear stylized face covers. They tend to go over the top when it comes to the little things, which may overwhelm the people around them, but they are only trying to impress. 

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