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Four Wildcats, Four Instruments, a Need to Rock Out— Four Students and their Band ‘Erasmus’

It seems that Erasmus has become something more than anybody expected it to be. It is a band, but in addition to that, it’s become a sanctuary for a group of friends to have a good time and support each other, in addition to sounding amazing. 

The Songs That Inspire Wildcat Nation: Jackson Ivy and Music that Criticizes ‘Injustice and Immorality’

Jackson Ivy told us, “I have exactly zero talent or ability in visual art. Music is my method of expression.”

The Songs That Inspire Wildcat Nation’s Principal Gordon Oslund 

"You should be free to be you and contribute in a positive manner, and have a life that’s not what you're told, but what you want.”

The Songs That Inspire Wildcat Nation: Student Activities Coordinator Kelly Iversen

We interviewed Wildcat Nation’s Student Activities Coordinator Kelly Iverson about her five favorite songs and why she likes them giving insight into her personality and what she loves.