BBQ Dads, Soccer Moms, and Throwbacks: Ukiah High Celebrates Spring Spirit Week


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Ukiah High School celebrated a Spring Time Spirit Week from April 14 to April 21. Each day brought a new theme and Ukiah High Spirit Commissioner Owen Sangiacomo gave us an overview of each day’s theme. 

To start the week, on Monday the 17th, students dressed up as their “Type”, which Sangiacomo said would represent your ideal partner or friend’s style. 

On Tuesday the 18th, students took it old school and dressed as their favorite era.

On Wednesday, there was a face-off between BBQ Dads and Soccer Moms. Sangiacomo said soccer moms typically dress in practical clothing such as leggings and sneakers alongside a pair of sunglasses while BBQ Dads are usually seen dressed in a shirt tucked into an abnormally high-waisted pair of jorts, sneakers or sandals, and a baseball hat.

Thursday was “Everything but a Backpack” Day. As it says in the name, students brought any but backpack to school to carry their day-to-day items around. A student used a stop sign to carry his items around, a toolbox designed for a truck bed and even one teacher rode her neighbor’s scooter. 

Ukiah High concluded the week with a simple but classic Purple and Gold Day with students decked out in school spirit.

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