Izzy Nickerson

Izabella Nickerson is an editor and chief for the UHS newspaper and a Junior at Ukiah High School. Izabella enjoys playing sports like tennis and volleyball, baking/cooking, and being outdoors. Izabella is creative and hardworking doing her part to make the UHS newspaper informative and entertaining. Izabella has been a part of the UHS news team for 3 years. She enjoys writing about the sports that students participate in at Ukiah High School as well as articles addressing women's rights and more. She would like to continue Journalism and make a career out of it. Becoming a sports journalist or a sports broadcaster.

Exclusive Content

Ukiah High Graduate & Counselor Naomi Rhodes Accepts Position as Head Coach of Varsity Girl’s Soccer

Rhodes is very passionate about coaching soccer. “ I love coaching soccer because it allows me to connect with young players and teach them this game that I love,” she says.

Ukiah High Cross Country Keeps Running in the Midst of a Pandemic

At the beginning of September, cross country coach Chad Raugewitz found a way to start the practices again. The running program was offered through the City of Ukiah and lasted for several weeks. Recently on October 19th, our cross county team was able to start training again here on campus.

UHS News Examines Ukiah High’s Adoption of Block Scheduling

According to Lee, this new schedule is also a way for teachers to get to know students better and help them more effectively.

Ukiah High’s Girls Varsity Basketball Find Ways to Stay in the Game During COVID-19

Adults like Coach Wright are working to provide athletic opportunity and socialization to Ukiah High Wildcats at a time when we desperately need it.

Ukiah High Cornerstone Aaron Ford Will Be Wildcat Nation’s Varsity Baseball Coach

One of his primary goals while coaching baseball will be having the team get along and work together efficiently. “I enjoy finding out athletes' unique personalities, and their abilities to contribute to the productivity of the team,” Coach Ford said.

Staying in the Game: Ukiah Volleyball Coach Keeps Players Playing

Though many activities for Ukiah’s youth have slowed down in the face of COVID-19, Ukiah High volleyball teams are finding ways to practice during the pandemic. This summer, Ukiah High varsity volleyball coach Amanda Brown decided to start an outdoor workout and volleyball practice for girls ages 13 through 18.