Izzy Nickerson

Izabella Nickerson is an editor and chief for the UHS newspaper and a Junior at Ukiah High School. Izabella enjoys playing sports like tennis and volleyball, baking/cooking, and being outdoors. Izabella is creative and hardworking doing her part to make the UHS newspaper informative and entertaining. Izabella has been a part of the UHS news team for 3 years. She enjoys writing about the sports that students participate in at Ukiah High School as well as articles addressing women's rights and more. She would like to continue Journalism and make a career out of it. Becoming a sports journalist or a sports broadcaster.

Exclusive Content

‘Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up!’— A Closer Look at the Effect of Ukiah High’s Dress Code on Young Women

At Ukiah High, some young women have found that dress work can be a barrier to how they want to be seen. Seeking a greater understanding of the dress issue at Ukiah High, UHS News spoke to a student, a teacher, and an administrator about the controversies surrounding the dress code.

Ukiah High’s New Club Women’s Empowerment Working to Give Women a Voice

Club President Tessa Turnwall started the club to "talk about the sexism that people don’t talk about at Ukiah High School and make a place where women can talk and feel comfortable."

Despite a Rough Start, UHS Ladycats Varsity Soccer Committed to Bringing Their Game and Upping the ‘Intensity on the Field’

Coach Naomi Rhodes said, ¨I'm excited to build off that success and continue to improve our game against some pretty difficult competition in the Oak League.” 

Wildcat Volleyball’s Battle Against West County Shows Ukiah High Evolving

“All the athletes maintained a high level of intensity and energy that ultimately let us win,” Coach Thomas said.

Ukiah High School Volleyball Beats Middletown Last Week

As a team we demonstrate our effort by hustling after every ball. We show "team-ness" through the communication on the court and the cheering on the bench.  Everyone has their role and contributes to the team and that is evident by the positive and competitive attitudes demonstrated by all members of the team.” 

UHS Volleyball Fights Hard Against the Windsor Jaguars Falling Short of a Win

UHS News would like to acknowledge Sophia Dunnicliff on the Varsity team, for her powerful hits that led to many kills and points in the game. We would also like to acknowledge Josie Woldemar who is one of the liberos on the Varsity team for her digs and passes at Friday night’s game.