Pomolita Panthers Visit Wildcat for a Vision of Their Freshman Year


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Last week, 8th-grade Pomolita Panthers came to visit Wildcat Nation to preview what their freshman year will look like. Guided by Link Crew Leaders and Wildcats from CTE classes, the Panthers toured Ukiah High’s career technical offerings as well as other electives such as Photography, Band, Drama, and many others. Wildcat News team spoke with some of the Panthers and the Wildcats leading the groups.

“I heard someone drowned in the pool,” said Kaloni Brown, a Pomolita Panther. “A rumor I heard was there was a lot of cockroaches,” mentioned Pomolita Panther, Kyla Cromer.

Brown reveals that she “was a little nervous” to be an official member of Wildcat Nation. She enjoyed getting to “see how things run” and being able to experience the fun classes. Brown is excited to “swim in the pool.” Though, she was not excited about the bigger homework load.

“The High School is really cool,” said Cromer. Even though Cromer will not attend Ukiah High next year, she said that “it’s still cool to be here and see what it’s like.” Cromer is excited to go to high school because there are “way more options for classes and it will be kind of a fresh start,” though she is not so excited because she heard, “deadlines and teachers are more strict.”

Wildcat Junior, Dominic Ebert, helped guide the 8th graders around campus. He told us the tour “took them to all the CTE classes and other electives to show what kind of skills they could learn that would help them with the future.” Ebert felt inspired to guide the 8th graders because he himself was “nervous to be coming to high school so I understand what they are going through.”

Ebert offered some final advice for incoming 8th graders about to join the ranks of Wildcat Nation: “they should not burn themselves out and we have a lot of support for basically anything you need. You are not alone.”

Lalo Torres
Lalo Torres
Lalo Torres is a Ukiah High Senior he has a deep passion for theater, social interaction and is a social butterfly. He's a bit of a nerd; he owns pokemon cards and watches anime. The most recent show he finished, that has actually climbed to the top of his favorites, is My Hero Academia. He works in In-N-Out and is in the process of receiving his driver's license. And lastly, his eyebrows are ALWAYS on fleek.

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