5 Things The Average Wildcat Can Do To Help The Environment


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By Mia Gittleman

As we all know, we live on Earth, and since we’re stuck here, we might as well take care of our planet. I know we all think we’re big shots, but come on! A species that is destroying their own life support system is rather lame guys. So let’s do the responsible thing and think ahead. Take care of ourselves for the future. Here are five things YOU can do to help the environment.

1) Use Less Electricity 

Since we are stuck inside using Chromebooks all day, this might seem more complicated than it really is. Skip the daily Netflix routine, instead……go on a walk, read a book, or do something crafty. Don’t leave your lights on!! I know this can be hard to remember sometimes, but the more you do it, the easier it will become. Leave your windows open. This is so simple and will literally brighten your day. Having natural sunshine in your room will not only make you feel better but also helps the environment!!

2) Ask Your Parents For a Reusable Water Bottle

Everyone knows single-use plastics are harmful. We don’t need it polluting our waterways and definitely don’t want birds pecking at plastics to kill them. It’s kind of depressing, so do your part and get a reusable water bottle! Water bottles are so easy to find, and they come in so many cute colors. If you don’t already have one, ask your parents to get one for Christmas or a birthday present. 

3) Eat Less Meat

I understand that eating meat is a big part of most people’s diets, but there’s no harm in eating it less. According to Cowspiracy (a documentary from 2014), cows and pigs fart out much methane. And hey, if you don’t know what methane is, we’re not blaming you. Who cares about all these pesky terms? Anyways it’s pretty much the most potent greenhouse gas, and it’s heating our atmosphere, i.e. contributing to climate change. If you want more information on the effects of eating meat, head over to Netflix and watch Cowspiracy (I know I just told you to skip the Netflix binge, but it can’t be too bad if you are educating yourself on how to be better to this planet, right?)

4) Drive Less and Shop Locally 

I know most people aren’t driving very much right now because of quarantine, but it’s still good to avoid using cars. Try to walk, bike, or skate next time you leave your house. Encourage your friends and family to walk to the farmer’s market with you. Shopping locally is always a plus because it cuts down the travel time between you are your food, meaning less carbon dioxide released from cars. It also supports farmers who treat their animals humanly and ethically. When we eventually start school again, try to make it a priority to carpool or bike. 

5) Join The Environmental Club!

It’s never too late to become a member! Plant a garden and stay involved in local environmental issues. Come to a zoom meeting and see if you like it. You have no obligation to do it throughout the entire year. The Class Code is igcaj7j. There are meeting every Wednesday at 1:00. 

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